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2014 Crossroads Annual 3-a-side Primary Schools Football Tournament

The annual Crossroads Football Tournament took place in Sir E Scott School on Tuesday 4th March 2014 with teams ffrom the last remaining Harris schools competing. A revised competition format this year which consisted of mixed teams from Leverburgh and Sir E Scott ensured a closely fought tournament which, once again, produced some thrilling games of football. From the ‘Round Robin’ stage, four teams progressed to the Semi-finals and they were, The Wanderers, Sharks, Salamanders and the Sonics.  

The first semi-final between The Wanderers and Sharks was closely fought, however, The Wanderers proved too strong for them and they progressed to the final winning 1-0. The second semi-final was The Wanderers against The Sonics and this was an entertaining game with end to end action and lots of goals. With the score 2-2  after full time, the game was decided with a winning strike from Jacob Johnson in extra time to take The Sonics through to the last stage.


The final between The Sonics and The Wanderers was an enthralling and closely fought game with The Wanderers taking an early lead, upon which they quickly further capatalised by scoring another to make it 2-0 at the half way point. However, The Sonics fought hard and managed to score with a well worked goal, but with time running out; they were too late for a comeback and they lost graciously with a result of 2-1.Playing in the final were the following: The Wanderers: Archie Chaffer, Jessica MacLeod, Connor MacDonald, Jillian MacLennan, Hope MacLeod, Amy MacKenzie. The Sonics: Ciaran Peterson, Laura MacAulay, Jacob Johnson, Thomas MacAskill, Milly Murray.  


In the running for the ‘Player of the Tournamen Trophy’ there were a variety of players from all of the different teams, who displayed a high level of skill, goal scoring ability, fitness and team leadership throughout the tournament.  The following were nominated as potential candidates:  Jessica MacLeod, Connor MacDonald, Angus Campbell, Jacob Johnson, Archie Chaffer and Gillian MacLennan.  

The Tournament referees decided tht Jacob Johnson was to be this year’s recipient of the award. Many thanks must once again go to the ‘Crossroads’ organisation for kindly sponsoring the tournament with Katie Macleod, Mary MacAulay and Ronnie Morrison and providing the refreshments and tournament prizes. Also, many thanks to all of the parents, friends and staff who accompanied the children, and gave such great vocal support to the teams throughout the evening.  


Furthermore, a special mention to the following Sir. E. Scott Secondary Pupils,  - Alasdair MacLeod, James Marrow, Andrew Morrison, Martyn Lightbody and Hugh Morrison who so ably assisted with the organisation of the tournament and refereeing duties.

Pictured above are this years winners ‘The Wanderers’ with the referees, Mr Johnson and Mary MacAulay who presented the prizes to the team.
The Tournament referees decided that Jacob Johnson was to be this year’s recipient of the award.
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